Bacon, J.L.

Personal details
Image of the Young Men's Christian Association badge
Name on Memorial: 
John Lionel Bacon
John Lionel
Date of Birth: 
Saturday, April 1, 1882
Date of Death: 
Sunday, December 1, 1918
Age at Death: 
Addresses before and during the war

Place of birth: Friars Hall, Hadleigh, West Suffolk

Place of residence: Benton Street, Hadleigh, West Suffolk

Place of residence: 3 St Dunstan's Village, Acton, Middlesex

Place of residence: Kuei-lin (Guilin), Kwangsi Dicese, Southern China

College: Church Missionary Society's College, Islington, London

Place of Burial or Battle Site Memorial

Sainte Marie Cemetery 2 Rue Eugene, Landaos, 76620 Le Havre.

Other Memorials: 

Plaque, St Mary's Church, Church Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5DT.