Cleaver, F.C.

Personal details
Image of the Royal Army Chaplains' Department cap badge
Name on Memorial: 
Frederick Canning Cleaver
Frederick Canning
Date of Birth: 
Thursday, August 25, 1881
Date of Death: 
Tuesday, June 17, 1919
Age at Death: 
Addresses before and during the war

Place of birth: Sheffield, W. Yorks.

Place of residence: 114 Whitham Rd. Nether Hallom, Sheffield.

Place of residence: 6 Priory Rd, Sheffield.

Clerical appointment: St Stevens, Sheffield (1905-1908).

Clerical appointment: Missionary to Tarkwa, Ghana (1908-1909).

Clerical appointment: Missionary to Kekondi, Ghana (1909-1912 and 1914-1916).

Clerical appointment: Missionary to Accra, Ghana (1912-1914)

Place of Burial or Battle Site Memorial
Other Memorials: 

War memorial as well as on the Young Men’s Society plaque in the parish room, St Stephen's Church, Sheffield