Lester, G.J.

Personal details
Image of Gerald James Lester, June 1910 (Ref: UND/F1/FZ12)
Name on Memorial: 
Gerald James Lester
Gerald James
Date of Birth: 
Friday, March 27, 1885
Date of Death: 
Wednesday, December 18, 1918
Age at Death: 
Addresses before and during the war

Place of Birth: Bishops Nymphton, Devon

Place of Residence: The vicarage, Bishops Nymphton, Devon

School: St John's, Leatherhead, Surrey (boarder)

Clerical Appointment: St Thomas' Church, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland 1912-14

Clerical Appointment: Cambois, Northumberland 1914-16

Clerical Appointment: Rector of Rackenford, Devon 1916-18

Place of Residence: 13 Rivers St, Bath, Somerset

Place of Burial or Battle Site Memorial

St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France.

Other Memorials: 

War Memorial at St John's School, Leatherhead, Surrey.