Scott, L.S.R.

Personal details
Image of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment cap badge
Name on Memorial: 
Laurence Sylvester Robinson Scott
Laurence Sylvester Robinson
Date of Birth: 
Saturday, December 21, 1895
Date of Death: 
Wednesday, April 7, 1920
Age at Death: 
Addresses before and during the war

Place of residence: Skipton, Yorkshire.

Place of education: Dene C. of E. School in Caterham, Surrey.

Place of education: Denstone College, Staffordshire.

Place of residence: Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

College: University College, Durham University.

Place of Burial or Battle Site Memorial
Other Memorials: 

Ilkley Roll of Honour

Ilkley St Margaret’s parish church memorial calvary cross

Bishop Tunstall's chapel, University College, memorial plaque

Denstone College, Staffordshire